Family Drama gets a Punch in the Face

Published: Jan 27, 2012

The Mighty Carlins
By Collin Doyle

February 8 to 19, 2012
In the Backstage Stage (a Bill and Brett Wilson Project)

This February, Saskatoon theatre goers get a ringside seat to mayhem in The Mighty Carlins.  In a tiny kitchen in the rough part of town, Leo Carlin and his sons gather once a year to engage in a rapid fire verbal boxing match fueled by decades of anger, jealousy and obscene amounts of beer.  This year, it’s a knock-down, drag out fight complete with backstabbing, finger biting and bags of dog poo.

This irreverent black comedy comes to Saskatoon courtesy of award-winning playwright Collin Doyle, after garnering critical acclaim in Edmonton in 2008 and Whitehorse in 2009.  Joshua Beaudry, who played Mike in the Whitehorse production (and starred in Doyle’s one-man show Routes in 2010), returns to reprise his role at Persephone Theatre. He is joined by Rob van Meenen and theatre veteran Chip Chuipka as they duke it out in this family therapy session viewed through a funhouse mirror. 

Dysfunction has never been this much fun!  Call now for tickets.

The Cast:
Joshua Beaudry (Mike), Chip Chuipka (Leo), Rob van Meenen (David)

The Crew:
Michael Clark (Director), Kristina Hughes (Assistant Director), David Granger (Set, Props and Lighting Designer), Darrin Hagen (Music Composition), Theresa Germain (Costume Designer), Angela Christie (Stage Manager)

Adult content and extreme language.

Preview performances are Wednesday, February 8 and Thursday, February 9.
Opening night is Friday, February 10.  

Tickets:$21.  Tickets are available at the Persephone Theatre Box Office (384-7727) or online at
Payment Depots: U of S Place Riel Information Kiosk


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