Spirits at the Western Development Museum?

Published: Oct 11, 2012


The Saskatoon Western Development Museum presents “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” mysterious stories told for the first time after three years of Paranormal Investigations. “There seems to be an ever-expanding interest in the paranormal in popular culture” Joan Champ, WDM Executive Director states. “Whether it=s on movie screens, television, magazine and book stands, or radio paranormal investigations seem to be everywhere. The Western Development Museum is just one of the many museums throughout the world which have hosted paranormal investigations. Interest in the paranormal and the past are complimentary subjects which can allow museums to raise public awareness about history.”

“In addition to collecting and preserving historical artifacts,” Champ said, “the Western Development Museum tells stories about the objects in its care. The paranormal project has given the museum a unique opportunity to tell stories in a different way. The WDM aims not only to educate but to entertain the public it serves. Be prepared to experience some chills and thrills as you explore the pages of YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”

The WDM has partnered with the Saskatoon Symphony for the evening, Gyro Productions Masters Series Classics for Skeptics. Other partners are the Sask Ghost-Hunters Society, University of Saskatchewan eMAP department and the new TV series from Angel Entertainment “The Other Side.”

YOU ARE NOT ALONE will be available for purchase in the WDM gift shop for $19.95

Public Open Forum (for public and members)
Question and Answer session with Paranormal Investigators and actual footage from investigations
Thursday, October 18, 2012
8:00 p.m.
Butler Byers Century Hall
Saskatoon Western Development Museum, 2610 Lorne Avenue


For further information please call:
Joan Champ, Executive Director WDM
Janet Olsen, Paranormal Project Coordinator WDM
1 (306) 934-1400

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