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Green Stem is about sustainability.
Sustainability is about smarter business practices for you, your business and our community.

Saskatoon takes pride in being a desirable tourism destination - not only when it comes to festivals, events and attractions - but also in as a city that is environmentally conscious. Travellers are increasingly seeking destinations that are growing their green practices and Tourism Saskatoon wants to ensure we're not only meeting, but exceeding visitors' expectations. In that spirit, we're proud to launch Green Stem - an online resource designed to guide our members in making deliberate choices to minimize their environmental impacts.
There is no silver bullet solution. For some, it means turning off the lights in your coffee room. For others, it means designing greener buildings and workspaces. Whatever your starting point - there are options for everyone.
The Green Stem site houses a library of resources - ideas, assistance and inspiration - for tourism businesses looking to incorporate environmental initiatives into their workplaces. In addition, we are working together to tell Saskatoon's story through the Green Stem Pledge. It's a meaningful signal of your commitment to a more sustainable Saskatoon; a simple, but powerful statement that will engage your employees, suppliers and customers. Whether you are the owner, manager or a brand new employee to the organization, there are steps that you can take today to green your workplace.
Let Green Stem help you figure out what sustainability means to you!


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