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Inn Chanted Bed & Breakfast

The Challenge - A Balancing Act

Operating an environmentally friendly Bed and Breakfast can be more costly and can involve more work. Inn-Chanted grows and buys organic food, has purchased a high efficiency washing machine and fireplace, duck down duvets and 100% cotton sheets and towels, all of which cost more.
Organic fertilizer for my garden, where I grow herbs, tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, etc., is more expensive and contains weeds which must be pulled.
Rain barrels, I have 2, during try spells, are used to water the garden by hand with 10 litre pails.
The cost and work load involved in operating a B&B, must be balanced with the need to make a small profit.

Taking Action - Blazing the Trail

After serving breakfasts at Inn-Chanted, veggie and fruit peelings are placed in one of 2 compost bins. Tin foil, wrapped around buns, is wiped clean and reused. If used to cover an egg dish, such as a frittata, the foil never touches the food and can then be reused. It can take 75 to 100 years for tin foil to decompose in the environment, so it is used sparingly.
Cleaning products, such as Sunrider and Tide are free of dyes, perfumes and phosphates.
When weather and time permit sheets, towels and other laundry are hung outside to dry.

Key to Success - Hands on Learning

Guests are encouraged to place paper, plastic and glass in the recycle boxes provided.
Inn-Chanted has an excellent water dispenser with an eight stage natural filtration system. Guests may refill their water bottles. Both guest bedrooms have a list of eco-friendly practices that guests may read. For example:

lights out in rooms that aren't being used,

use small amounts of soap and shampoo,

use the down duvet and extra blankets at night, so the thermostat can be turned down at night,

take short showers, submarine style

Leading by Example - Sustainable Initiatives

Grass clippings from the front and back yard are taken to the nearest city compost site.
This spring Inn-Chanted will add cedars, a spruce tree, an apple tree, a Saskatoon bush and raspberry stocks to the expanded garden and raised beds. These will provide food and shelter for the owner and guests. Trees help to clean the air of CO2 and are very good for our planet.

Guests may hang their towels on a plastic/metal clothes horse, so the towels may be used more than once.
The owner of Inn-Chanted walks or bikes to the nearest grocery store and one bike is provided, so far, for guests to use. If they bring their own bikes, they can be stored in the garage.

101-202 Fourth Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0K1
Phone: (306) 242-1206 | Fax: (306) 242-1955 | 1-800-567-2444