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Thank you for making the commitment to a sustainable Saskatoon!

It is the action of businesses like yours that will help to instill the attitude and create the energy required to build a truly green community.

To ensure that your efforts are realized by the patrons of your business and the residents of our city, we have a variety of tools that you can quickly and easily incorporate into your existing marketing and communications efforts.

  1. Web Seal - Web | Print - The ESI Pledge web seal which can be used on your website and on your print promotional materials.*
  2. ESI Pledge Certificate and Decal – Within 14 business days, you will receive in the mail a framed certificate and vinyl window decal recognizing your commitment to a sustainable Saskatoon. We invite you to proudly display these items in a prominent location in your workplace for both staff and customers to see. As more businesses take the Pledge and our logo becomes more familiar, recognition for our sector’s collective efforts will grow and consumers will become aware of and engaged in our activities.
  3. Sustainable Business Listing - Upon submission of your Pledge, your listing in Tourism Saskatoon’s business directory will be updated with the Green Stem seal recognizing you as a Pledge-Taker. You will also be added to the Pledge-Takers directory on the dedicated Green Stem website. Please allow for 3-5 business days for completion.
  4. Tourism Saskatoon Office and Welcome Centre Signage – In Tourism Saskatoon’s Head Office, prominent digital signage will recognize pledge takers and celebrate the sustainability achievements of our business community.

Exciting next steps...

As you work to enhance your sustainability efforts in the workplace, remember that we’re here to help. Use this website as a resource to help generate fresh ideas and initiate new conversations amongst your team. We have a variety of resourcestools and featured stories about other businesses and organizations that demonstrate leadership and innovation in sustainability. Also watch for information about future networking and capacity building events, as well as our bi-monthly e-newsletter.

Or perhaps you have a compelling story about an engaging business leader or innovative sustainability initiative in your workplace – or that of a neighbouring business; tell us about it.

Whatever path you take, Tourism Saskatoon congratulates and thanks you for making that first step! We are here to help as you and your staff embark on a journey of change and growth that will benefit not only your business, but also our community and our planet.

*The Green Stem logo is intended for use solely by confirmed and current Green Stem pledge-takers. Tourism Saskatoon maintains copyright of the logo, which may not be altered or manipulated in any way. Tourism Saskatoon will periodically monitor use of the logo to ensure it is used appropriately by current Pledge-takers. Tourism Saskatoon will revoke permission of use to any user that fails to comply with these terms or who's business decisions do not reflect the intent of the program.

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