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Water Tips Water Tips


  • ✓ Turn off taps when not needed
  • ✓ Take shorter showers and use the shower instead of the bath (saves a stack of water too!)
  • ✓ Brush or sweep grounds, instead of using water for cleaning
  • ✓ Discard water into plants instead of the drain
  • ✓ Provide pitchers of drinking water and glasses instead of bottled water for customers/clients
  • ✓ Encourage staff to bring reusable water bottles to work and to fill up at the tap
  • ✓ Scrape food instead off before rinsing plates
For more water conservations tips please visit the Be Water Wise area of the City of Saskatoon's website.



  • ✓ Repair leaking toilets and taps 
  • ✓ Install:
    • low flow showerheads
    • two button flush toilets
    • censored flush on urinals
    • faucet aerators
    • low flow pre-rinse spray valves
    • touchless faucets
    • waterless urinals
  • ✓ Add pipe insulation
  • ✓ Use displacement devices in toilet tanks
  • ✓ Harvest rain water for grounds and vehicle cleaning
  • ✓ Replace water-cooled with air-cooled refrigeration equipment
  • ✓ Install digitally controlled outdoor irrigation system with rain sensor
  • ✓ Use composting toilets (available at select plumbing or hardware stores. May need to special order or order on-line)
  • ✓ Reuse grey water for non-potable purposes (i.e. outdoor watering)
  • ✓ Upgrade out of date equipment to ENERGY STAR, water saving equipment


  • ✓ Obtain a water audit (Saskatchewan Environmental Society can provide audits for small buildings; contact engineering consultants for large buildings)
  • ✓ Replace lawn with low maintenance plantings link  
Water tips developed by Angie Bugg and the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.  
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