Nuit Blanche Saskatoon

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September 27, 2014
Saskatoon, SK
Time: 8:00 p.m. - midnight
Admission: Free

Nuit Blanche Saskatoon is a free night-time arts festival that showcases and celebrates art and culture. Overtaking multiple venues and the city's streets, contemporary art such as dance, theatre, music, poetry, and art installations will entertain and wow festival-goers late into the evening. Not only is this festival a chance for citizens of all ages to engage with and enjoy Saskatoon's thriving arts scene, it offers the unique experience of exploring Saskatoon's public space late into the night in a safe and fun environment.

Organized by an eclectic team of people from the arts, media, and business communities, this event is ready for the backing of the city and arts groups alike. Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, and other Canadian and international cities already delight their citizens with Nuit Blanche. It's time for Saskatoon to join these leading cities in artistic celebration and wonderment.

101-202 Fourth Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0K1
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