Biolin Processing Inc.

161 Jessop Avenue
Saskatoon SK S7H 5N9

Biolin Research produces a variety of fiber and shive product types. Every product is derived from Saskatchewan grown flax and processed in Saskatoon.

Sustainability-oriented actions that we're proud to have incorporated in our workplace are:
1. We have found several methods to turn unwanted flax straw into useful products
2. We produce flax mulch/shive which minimizes water requirements and greatly reduces herbicide use as it discourages weed growth

The three actions that we intend to introduce in the next 12 months are:
1. Re-purpose a former pork research barn into a flax processing plant
2. Re- purpose a former feed mill to a new use
3. Re-purpose (no longer needed) pig barn equipment for other uses

The three actions that we intend to introduce in the next 2-4 years are:
1. Install solar water heating
2. Install windows and light sensors to reduce need for indoor lights
3. Use existing cement pads for road fill

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