Chandeliers Fine Dining

119 - 3rd Avenue South
Saskatoon SK S7K 1L6

Chandeliers Saskatoon’s Newest Fine Dining Restaurant
Nestled inside the historic 102-year-old Drinkle Building is Saskatoon’s newest Fine Dining Restaurant, Chandeliers. The name couldn’t be more fitting. Hanging above its 7,000 SQ foot space are four chandeliers, three of these crystal art forms are antique fixtures from Toronto’s majestic Royal York Hotel. The other one .. well, you’ll just have to visit the restaurant to see this one - a definite work of art.
Speaking of art, Chandeliers is a restaurant unlike any other in the city. It’s no secret that the space has seen its share of gastronomical transformations over the years. If the act of transformation is an art form within itself, then Chandeliers has created a space where the manifestation of physical transformations takes place. The work of Romanian artist “Golbby” showcases large 3D facial images appearing to come through the walls. Food meets art! Or in this case, art meets food.
Chandeliers’ comfortable 170 seat space houses two private rooms that seats 12 and 35 people, respectively, and a lounge that accommodates 30 people - perfect for small informal or formal gatherings. Specific seating is laid out to capture the elegant views of the chandeliers. Make sure to reserve and request these seats for the perfect ambiance.
This new addition, in the heart of downtown Saskatoon offers residents and its visitors a truly immersive, cultural experience. Live music will also add to the Chandelier’s Fine Dining experience every Friday and Saturday evenings emanating from a baby grand piano.
The Management and staff are successful veterans of the Food and Hospitality industry. Their combined experience of over 200 years serves as a strong base for the restaurant’s unique character and charm. The combination of art, a very thoughtful menu, a classic selection of wine and liquor from around the world, and music all create an atmosphere that has been missing from the city. You’ll have to see it for yourself. Experience Chandeliers.

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