Fred Heal Canoe Launch

Located 20 km South of Saskatoon on Highway 219
Mailing Address: 402 3rd Avenue South
Saskatoon SK S7K 3G5

The Fred Heal Canoe Launch is the starting point for a scenic 20.5 km (3-5 hour) paddle to Saskatoon. You will be amazed at the bird, animal and plant life found along the way. To reach the canoe launch, go south of Saskatoon on Lorne Avenue to Highway #219. Travel 0.5 km past Beaver Creek Conservation Area and turn right (head west) on Road 350-A. Proceed 2.5 km to the bottom of a hill. Turn right (west) and proceed 1 km to the launch site. There is a 50 metre portage from the parking lot to the launch site.

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