Garden Architecture and Design - GA Interiors

315 Avenue A. South
Saskatoon SK S7M 1L7

Since 2004, Garden Architecture & Design - GA Interiors has been a destination for shoppers to see the largest collection of Luxury Home Interior & Garden Design ideas and products.
Garden Architecture & Designs gallery-style showroom features interior decor from around the world as well artisan collections from Michael Aran and Sid Dickens.
The Outdoor Courtyards and Conservatories create a European style garden feel while featuring exceptional outdoor furniture, statuary, fountains and more.
GA Interiors brings Saskatoon exclusive designer collections of interior furniture, lighting, and decor that are constantly Fresh and Stylish.
Excellent customer service is the focus at both stores and will make your shopping experience memorable.
Experience the New Urban Saskatoon-visit Garden Architecture & Design and GA Interiors today-- just steps from downtown Saskatoon .

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