RSVP Event Design, Decor and Rentals

#229 - 120 23rd Street East
Saskatoon SK S7K 0K8

RSVP Event Design coordinates and facilitates corporate events for various sized companies, organizations and associations as well as plans personal events such as parties and weddings. RSVP Event Design offers professional event management from idea generation to final evaluation with a creative flair and attention to the smallest of details.

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RSVP Event Design, Decor and Rentals Meeting Facility
  • Description: From concept and theme development to implementation and final review, RSVP Event Design offers a specialized service. They develop appropriate event ideas and themes, coordinate marketing and advertising strategies, source printed materials, and plan event logistics, room set-up and décor.
    Pre-event management includes client consultation and development, bookings and logistics, sponsorship, marketing, promotion, printed materials and program development, speaker and presenter requirements, travel and accommodation bookings and volunteer coordination. Event management services consist of logistics control, guest registration, directory assistance and liaison between client and service providers.
    Post-event management includes thank you’s, venue clean-up, rental returns, bill payments, budgetary summary, event evaluation and summary report.
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