Saskatoon Co-op Wine Spirits Beer

319 Shillington Crescent
(Off 22nd Street and Betts Avenue)
Saskatoon SK S7M 1L2

Saskatoon Co-op Wine Spirits Beer
Co-op Wine Spirits & Beer is located at 319 Shillington Crescent, in Saskatoon's Blairmore area. Our tasting events entertain and enlighten enthusiasts of all levels. Held in our beautiful Tuscan-inspired Tasting and Education Centre, each event is unique and presented in a fun and relaxing manner. Events usually run from one to two hours, facilitated/hosted by industry experts and our own sommelier team. Tastings include beverage samples that are typical of the region or topic of discussion, accompanied by a small plate of foods that enhance the samples and cleanse the palate.
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