Saskatoon Wildlife Federation

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Saskatoon SK S7S 2N8

The 3 sustainability-oriented actions that we're proud to have incorporated in our workplace are: 1: Recycling lead that is deposited at our gun ranges and distributing it among our members to reuse 2: Decrease water consumption in our kitchen by converting our walk in cooler from water cooled to conventional refrigeration 3: We use washable dishes instead of disposable wherever possible. The three actions that we intend to introduce in the next 12 months are: 1: We will help build the capacity of conservation groups by inviting them to use our facilities for meetings and conferences. 2: Reclamation of lead at our outdoor gun ranges 3: Educating Saskatoon youth and general public about urban watershed protection
The three actions that we intend to introduce in the next 2-4 years are: 1: Making our building more energy efficient 2: Increasing education efforts around conservation and the environment 3: Enhance our green space by planting trees and allow our trout pond to develop into a functioning wetland as an example for urban residents

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