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The 3 sustainability-oriented actions that we're proud to have incorporated in our workplace are: 1. Making reducing our ecological footprint part of our strategic plan. 2. We began to convert to LED lighting in our exhibit galleries. 3. We are adding motion sensors to washroom fixtures and exhibit lighting. Additional Comments: Wind power currently generated on-site is being added to the grid.
The three actions that we intend to introduce in the next 12 months are: 1. Continue conversion of exhibit lighting to LED 2. In pioneer tradition we re-purpose (reuse, reduce, recycle) as much as possible. It continues in our staff and volunteer culture. 3. We are purchasing a thermal imaging camera for educational purposes and to find areas of heat/ac loss.
The three actions that we intend to introduce in the next 2-4 years are: 1. Maintain and ask for continued input on this initiative at our annual strategic planning session attended by all staff. 2. Continue to create exhibits that highlight energy conservation, and innovations. 3. Continue to promote and expand the reach of our award winning Grade 7 Smarter Science Better Buildings program.

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Western Development Museum Meeting Facility
  • Description: Booking your event at the Western Development Museum provides the opportunity for your delegates to visit 1910 Boomtown, the longest indoor museum street in Saskatchewan. Special arrangements may be made to include interpreters in period costume, blacksmithing demonstrations, horse and buggy/sleigh rides or a melodiously playing calliope. Delegates can also visit the Museum Store, where specialties include handcrafted and Saskatchewan-made items, and Boomtown Photo Studio, where they can dress in period costume and take home a souvenir.

    The Western Development Museum offers catering to groups of 25 to 500 people, with menus ranging from a western BBQ to an elegantly served dinner. Ample parking is available.
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