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  • Saskatoon is one of the top five sunniest major cities in Canada - recording an average of 2,329 hours of sunlight annually.
  • Nicknames for the city include City of Bridges and Hub City.
  • Saskatoon’s Broadway Avenue was named one of the top Great Streets in Canada in the 2011 Great Places in Canada contest sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Planners.


  • Saskatoon’s historic Traffic Bridge is the site of the greatest nautical disaster in prairie history - the sinking of the S.S. City of Medicine Hat riverboat.
  • The world’s first effective cancer treatment with cobalt-60 radiation therapy occurred at the University of Saskatchewan in 1951.
  • John G. Diefenbaker, the thirteenth Prime Minister of Canada, moved to Saskatoon in 1910. He received his BA and MA in political science and economics at the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Four people are buried on the University of Saskatchewan grounds: John and Olive Diefenbaker, Sir Frederick Haultain, the last premier of the Northwest Territories before Saskatchewan and Alberta entered confederation in 1905, and Dr. Robert Henry Dale, a Saskatoon plastic surgeon.
  • Located near Spadina Crescent and 33rd Street, the weir on the South Saskatchewan River was completed in 1940. The purpose of the weir is to provide an adequate water level for pumping into the water works and power plant, as well as making the river better suited for boating and the use of float planes. It’s also a great site to watch pelicans.
  • In 1882, the Toronto-based Temperance Colonization Society was granted 21 sections of land straddling the South Saskatchewan River in what is now Saskatoon. The group planned to develop an alcohol-free community in the Prairies.
  • In 1899, the first bar was licensed in Saskatoon. A struggle between the teetotalers and the drinkers resulted in the cancellation of the license the following year.
  • The oldest building in Saskatoon still on its original site is the Marr Residence on 11th Street East. This building served as a military hospital during the Northwest Resistance in 1885.


  • Saskatoon has 200 parks and nearly 1,000 hectares of parkland throughout the city, including almost 160 hectares of river valley parkland.
  • Saskatoon lies on a long belt of rich, potassic chernozem in middle-southern Saskatchewan and is found in the Aspen parkland biome. The lack of surrounding mountainous topography gives the city a relatively flat grid, though the city does sprawl over a few hills and into a few valleys.
  • The first recorded earthquake in Saskatoon occurred in 1909. It lasted between thirty seconds and one minute, and it was felt from Winnipeg to Lethbridge.

Sports and Recreation

  • Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink was voted best outdoor skating spot in Canada by Readers Digest (2006).
  • Saskatoon boasts award-winning golf courses, including the Dakota Dunes Golf Links which was ranked fifteenth best golf course in Canada by Score Golf magazine.
  • The University of Saskatchewan hosted the 2006 Vanier Cup (Canadian Interuniversity Sport football championship) at Griffiths Stadium in 2006. This marked the first time the championship game was played outside of Ontario.

Popular Culture

  • Saskatoon has been mentioned in song lyrics by many famous artists including The Guess Who (Running Back to Saskatoon), Johnny Cash (Girl in Saskatoon) and City and Colour (Coming Home).
  • Speaking of songs, the Sonny James tune Little Bit South of Saskatoon features prominently in the movie Slap Shot.
  • The Disney movie Summer of the Monkeys was filmed in the Saskatoon area.
  • Farley Mowat’s 1961 novella, Owls in the Family, is set in Saskatoon and includes references to several local landmarks, including the Railroad Bridge. His 1957 book, The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be, concerns his childhood in Saskatoon in the 1920s and 1930s.
  • Bear Hugger is a character from the 1994 Super Nintendo game Super Punch Out. The character’s place of origin is Saskatoon.
  • The character Shelly Tambo from the TV series Northern Exposure was from Saskatoon and was a former “Miss Saskatoon”.
  • The Marvel Comics character Puck from the Alpha Flight comic book was born in Saskatoon.

Famous Faces

  • Jon Ballantyne - NYC jazz musician, composer, artist
  • Ethel Catherwood - Olympic medalist in high jump at the 1928 Amsterdam games
  • Kim Coates - Actor, known for roles in Sons of Anarchy and Black Hawk Down
  • Jordan Cook (aka Reignwolf) - Rock musician
  • The Deep Dark Woods - Rock band
  • John Diefenbaker - the thirteenth Prime Minister of Canada (1957 - 1963)
  • Michael Eklund - Actor, known for roles in The Call and 88 Minutes
  • Don Freed – Singer-songwriter
  • Tom Grummett - Comic book artist, known for his work on The New Titans, The Adventures of Superman, Superboy, Power Company, Robin, New Thunderbolts and Heroes
  • Gordie Howe - Former NHL hockey player, four-time Stanley Cup champion with the Detroit Red Wings
  • Catriona LeMay Doan - Three-time Olympic medalist in speed skating at the 1998 Nagano games (Gold and Bronze), 2002 Salt Lake City games (Gold)
  • Tyler Mane - Actor, known for his roles in X-Men, Troy, and Halloween; Former professional wrestler
  • Yann Martel - Author of the Man Booker Prize-winning novel Life of Pi
  • Andrea Menard - Singer, actress, writer
  • Joni Mitchell – Musician and artist, first Canadian woman to be inducted in the U.S. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1997)
  • Farley Mowat – Author, known for Lost in the Barrens and Never Cry Wolf
  • Northern Pikes - Rock band
  • Kyle Riabko – Musician, actor
  • Roddy Piper - Former professional wrestler, actor
  • Brayden Schenn - NHL hockey player; at the 2011 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships, Schenn tied Canada's record for points in a single tournament, and was selected to the Tournament's All-Star Team, and named Top Forward and Most Valuable Player
  • Luke Schenn - NHL hockey player
  • The Sheepdogs - Rock band, winner of Rolling Stone’s Choose the Cover competition, becoming the first unsigned act to grace the cover of the magazine
  • David Sutcliffe - Actor, known for roles on Gilmore Girls, Private Practice and Cracked
  • Shannon Tweed – Actress, model; wife of Gene Simmons of Kiss
  • Gordon Tootoosis - Canadian actor of Cree and Stoney descent, known for roles in Legends of the Fall, Pocahontas and North of 60
  • Henry Woolf - Actor, known for roles in The Lion in Winter, Superman III, and The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • Janet Wright - Actress, known for roles in Corner Gas and The Perfect Storm

Commerce, Industry and Education

  • The University of Saskatchewan campus is home to the Canadian Light Source - a national synchrotron radiation facility used for a wide range of scientific research. The campus also houses the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO), a global leader in researching diseases that affect animal and human health.
  • The University of Saskatchewan has thirteen colleges and annual enrolment of approximately 20,000. It is the only university in Canada to have all six life sciences colleges and a teaching hospital on the same campus.
  • The world’s largest uranium company, Cameco, and a number of other Canadian Top 100 companies have corporate headquarters in Saskatoon. Others include Areva Resources, Yanke Group of Companies, Crestline Coach, International Road Dynamics, as well as the world’s largest potash company, PotashCorp.
  • Saskatoon is home to world-renowned guitar builders Dingwall Designer Guitars and Fury Guitars.
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