I spy an Instagram contest

Explore Saskatoon and snap a few pics for your chance to win!

I spy with my little eye a city with endless experiences. Let the clues be your guide to explore Saskatoon. Maybe they'll take you to your favourite spot. Or maybe you'll discover a hidden gem.

1. Visit the 10 locations hinted at in the clues (listed below).

2. Instagram each experience, and tag each Instagram with #ispysaskatoon.

3. Fill out the form below and add your photo.

4. Share with friends!

Participants will receive one entry into the prize draw for each experience. What's up for grabs? A Shutterball - a fun device that connects wirelessly to your smartphone, allowing you to take the most epic selfies. As a bonus, anyone who experiences all 10 locations will qualify to win a Shutterball, plus one of Tourism Saskatoon's exclusive summer tank tops.




I spy with my little eye...

...plains and valleys teeming with buffalo.

...somewhere people have gathered for more than 6000 years.

...a place as old as Stonehenge.


I spy with my little eye...

...something big and red that serves ice cream.

...a Union Jack.

...a Riverbank Frank with all the toppings.


I spy with my little eye...

...Saskatoon's largest selection of indoor theatre.

...fire breathers, buskers and cotton candy eaters.

...quirky actors and everyday people mingle.


I spy with my little eye...

...the best river castle garden party.

...musical entertainment under the big blue sky!

...Ben, John, and Lauryn - to name a few.


I spy with my little eye...

...a walk back in time.

...the Old Pharmacy and blacksmith shop.

...a horse and cart ride.


I spy with my little eye...

...a place where sculpture grows in the garden.

...a great place to take a study break.

...we'll give you a "hand" with this clue!


I spy with my little eye...

...the Garlic Guru and Wally the Spin Farmer.

...farmers and painters, bakers and knitters.

...a place that takes you from the farm to your plate, from the orchard to your glass.


I spy with my little eye...

...a place to watch a movie under the twinkling stars

...a street full of "collective" energy, entrepreneurship, and community pride

...a neighbourhood where what was old is made new again.


I spy with my little eye...

...somewhere to take your sweetheart for a stroll.

...somewhere sparks fly to music.

...somewhere to watch the kids splash from the Rockies to the plains and all stops between.


I spy with my little eye...

...tropical leaves and priceless works of art.

...people sipping on lattes and snacking on paninis.

...a place to find your inner artist.


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