Eat & Drink

Luckily for you, we are a city that cooks well. Very well. We can’t help it - it’s in our blood.

People have been eating off this land for over 6,000 years and you can still experience some of those ancient traditions today. Our brilliant food creators have infused our local ingredients into their menus to create wild pairings and scrumptious meals.  Though located in the centre of Canada you wouldn’t know it by our spins on Mexican, Burmese, Indian, Thai, and Jamaican food you can find here. As well there are places that more than satisfy any dietary requirements. 

Below you'll find a smattering of amazing food and drink establishments we've chosen to highlight. If you want to try any or all, click over to the MAPS page where we have quite a few of plotted so you know where to go!





Extraordinary Eateries & Delightful Drinks

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