Strategic Plan and Business & Marketing Plan 2023

Our Purpose:

To invite all people to discover and have transformational experiences in Saskatoon that create lasting value and support a vibrant future.
Description: The essence of our purpose encapsulates inclusivity, the ability to discover, share in the lived experiences of our land, and participate in the co-creation of economic and social value

Our Vision:

For Saskatoon to be a destination of choice that creates connections and inspires discovery.
Description: Whether you are local to the region or visiting from afar, at the heart of the Saskatoon experience is kinship and connection – connection to self, to each other, to the land, and to the community. Together, we inspire visitation and drive economic prosperity by creating meaningful connections through business, sporting events, leisure activities, and lasting memories. The stories of this city deserve to be told and it is our responsibility to do so in ways that are intentional, inclusive, and authentically Saskatoon. This vision for Saskatoon is for a vibrant urban centre on the edge of abundant, protected nature. It is a destination of choice, beloved by travellers from near and far, s we inspire discovery and connection, we create economic and social prosperity, an essential economic engine within Saskatchewan’s export economy.

Strategic Pillars:

Discover Saskatoon’s strategic pillars provide the framework for decision making regarding efforts and investments to enhance Saskatoon’s visitor economy. These goals offer guidance on how to achieve the overarching vision and develop a competitive positioning for Saskatoon as a destination.

1. Enhance & Evolve the Visitor ExperienceOur focused efforts on authentic cultural experiences and commitment to community engagement characterize us as an essential Canadian travel destination.

2. Develop a thriving sectorOur advocacy and promotion of equitable economic development provides value to all our stakeholders, elevating the quality of life and place for the Saskatoon community.

3. Live & Lead with our BrandOur offerings and initiatives connect emotionally to all consumers and clients alike, driving demand for experiences and visitation to Saskatoon.

4. Operate a culturally sound & performance-based organizationWe believe that by being a value-based organization our performance will thrive. Our commitment to coaching, mentorship, communication, professional development and succession planning ensure the right people are in the right places to serve our stakeholders.


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