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Todd Brandt 2019

Todd Brandt

President and CEO

My responsibilities cover many areas such as: implementation of the strategic plan set by the board of directors, resource development, team coordination, providing senior direction for research, marketing, and product development activities. I also manage Saskatoon's Destination Marketing Program, and am the corporate liaison with the Saskatoon Hotel's Association, the City of Saskatoon, Tourism Saskatchewan, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada and Destination Canada.

Stephanie Clovechok 2019

Stephanie Clovechok

Interim President & CEO/Director of Destination Innovation

I assist new events, festivals and attractions with market intelligence and incubation funding to animate and enhance Saskatoon as a major destination for visitors. I liaise with local, provincial and federal governments to advocate on behalf of tourism operators and our DMO to show tourism's impact to the Saskatoon economy.

Angela Wallman 2019

Angela Wallman

Finance Officer

I manage the financial programs for Tourism Saskatoon. 

Trevor Broughton 2019

Trevor Broughton

Director of Leisure Marketing & Member Engagement

I am responsible for the marketing and promotion of Saskatoon as a leisure destination to independent and group travellers by coordinating all marketing campaigns, media buying, and visitor services initiatives. I also develop and manage Tourism Saskatoon's key publications, collateral materials, and website development.

Candace Schierling 2019

Candace Schierling

Director of Sales

I am responsible for leading efforts to promote Saskatoon as a national convention and cultural event destination. This includes strategic planning, marketing, promotions, and sponsorship both locally and on a national level. I lead the National Strategic Advisory Committee, manage an External Advisory Committee of industry professionals, and am a member of the Saskatoon Women's Network.

Sarah Berger 2019

Sarah Berger

Director of Media

I work with local, national and international media to promote tourism in Saskatoon. My team works with our industry partners to create opportunities for travel media to write about Saskatoon, highlighting our city on an international stage.

Brenden Branscombe

Brenden Branscombe

Visitor & Membership Engagement Coordinator

I help visitors and residents connect with authentic Saskatoon experiences and act as the first point of contact for our tourism membership. In addition to facilitating member communications and events, I provide counselling and front-line assistance to anyone seeking information about accommodations, events and attractions in the Greater Saskatoon area.

Jeffrey Fehr Jan 2020

Jeffrey Fehr

National Sales Executive

I promote Saskatoon as a destination of choice for national conventions and events. I work with local contacts and partners to ensure an entertaining and unique experience from the moment you arrive in Saskatoon.

Tracey Thompson 2019

Tracey Thompson

Content Marketing Specialist

I take our amazing content and market it through a variety of channels, ensuring the Tourism Saskatoon voice is heard through all mediums and departments. I also manage our image library, email communications, and website.

Nancy Bradshaw 2019

Nancy Bradshaw

Business Development Manager - Ottawa

I am responsible for promoting Saskatoon as a national convention and event destination. I focus on generating new opportunities and sustaining the loyalty of our repeat clientele while building strong local support for your conference in Saskatoon. There is constant collaboration with our Saskatoon partners as we work to make your time here an enjoyable success.

Shannon Davies 2019

Shannon Davies

National Sales Coordinator

As the National Convention Sales Coordinator, I provide assistance to the National Conventions Team and promote Saskatoon as a great destination to host national conventions. I support local leaders, meeting planners and our Saskatoon partners on everything from venues, entertainment, site visits and convention services.    

Paula Lichtenwald 2019

Paula Lichtenwald

Digital Marketing & Research Strategist

I am responsible for developing solutions to meet Tourism Saskatoon’s brand objectives based on consumer insight and data. The objective is to grow Tourism Saskatoon's digital presence and to help achieve marketing objectives.

Darby Sutherland 2019

Darby Sutherland

Media Specialist

As a Media Specialist, I am responsible for promoting Saskatoon to a wide audience using our social media channels.  As a member of the communications and media team I assist in creating opportunities for travel media to write about Saskatoon - showcasing it's many unique traits and diverse culture and engage with local media to benefit Tourism Saskatoon.

Heather Bury 2019

Heather Bury

Sport Sales Executive

I work with local, provincial, and national sport organizations to identify and host sport events in Saskatoon. In addition to my work at Tourism Saskatoon, I am the Treasurer of Sport Tourism Canada's Board of Directors and the Administrative Officer of the Friends of the Bowl Foundation, an organization that works to provide funding for upgrades to the Gordie Howe Sports Complex in Saskatoon.

Whitney Stobee 2019

Whitney Stobee

International Sales Executive

I assist in promoting Saskatoon worldwide and strengthen relationships with the local community to show that Saskatoon is a great place to host international conventions. I support the local leaders, meeting planners, and conveners on everything from venues, to entertainment, to pre- and post tours. I am here to help!



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