OTTAWA - Diving Canada confirmed today that Saskatoon will replace Calgary as the host city for the Speedo Junior Development Nationals. Due to the recent flooding, the Talisman Centre in Calgary was not in condition to host the competition.

"When all the factors were considered, Saskatoon presented us with the best options to host this on such short notice," said Penny Joyce, Diving Canada's Chief Executive Officer. "We have a strong relationship with their committed volunteers and the Shaw Centre is one of the top diving facilities in Canada."

The Saskatoon Diving Club hosted the junior nationals last year.

"Having the event last year helped a lot," said Steve Carroll, head coach at the Saskatoon Diving Club. "But what gave us the most confidence were the parents and volunteers who were ready to get involved without hesitation. Everyone is on board and we are certain we will have a great event."

Diving Canada also credits Saskatoon Sports Tourism for its strong support for offering subsidy and lower hotel costs for scrambling athletes, coaches and parents who were forced to change their travel plans.

"We definitely could not have made this decision without the involvement of Saskatoon Sports Tourism," said Joyce. "They were instrumental in assuring a smooth transition of the event to Saskatoon."

Saskatoon Sports Tourism spokespeople said they are committed to supporting events in their community.

"Saskatoon Sports Tourism is fulfilling its mandate in providing support to our sporting friends in the diving community at this time of need," said Randy Fernets, Managing Director of Saskatoon Sports Tourism. "We wish Calgary the best in recovering from the floods and restoring their aquatic centre."

"Saskatoon Sports Tourism was pleased to be able to offer our support to help secure the venue and accommodations for this event on such short notice," added Heather Bury, Sport and Event Sales for Saskatoon Sports Tourism. "Planning events of this magnitude isn't easy so we were happy to help in any way we could. Saskatoon has a very strong diving community and we're confident that they will do an outstanding job hosting this event. We look forward to welcoming Diving Canada and their athletes to Saskatoon this August."

The competition will determine the Canadian champions in the 11-12 and 13-14 age groups and is also a team trial for the Junior Pan Am Championship this September in Tucson, Arizona.


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