Let’s say you are bringing a large group together - be it for a mitzvah (bar or bat), a business event, or wedding venues (or in my case, a cat’s wedding**). Let’s say you are thinking you want the venue you are hosting this celebration at to be different, offbeat, and quirky.  Say you want atmosphere and character and maybe enough space to put together a well-appointed cat maze. Well, have we got a list for you! Saskatoon has a great many spaces to plan your perfect (re: purrrfect) event!

LB Distillers

What I like most about this venue is that it is beautiful (and I say that not just because of its proximity to copious amounts of alcohol). Lucky Bastard Distillery has the charm and class of a 1920s Chicago speakeasy without the buzzkill of prohibition-era arrests. Large windows allow you to view the goings on of the working distillery and feign understanding in exactly how the delicious spirits you’re sipping on got into your drink. If the friendly staff can’t seem to dumb down the process enough for you (or if you’ve imbibed a bit too much in the product) the luxe finishes on the walls and ceilings make those moments you space out and gaze off into nothingness so much more socially acceptable. “What are you staring at?” your guests might ask. “Why I’m just admiring the copper ceiling” you’ll reply. Reputation saved!


The Roxy Theatre

If you’ve got a thing for old-school movie palaces, hip and trendy neighborhoods, and oodles of authentic feeling history and charm - then the Roxy Theatre is the place for you! If you don’t like those things? Well, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. The Roxy is one of the few atmospheric theatres left, from a time when people dressed in overcoats and hats to see the “talkies” and not, as I wear now, something very butter-absorbent. The venue can be rented out for weddings, and business events, and is now fully equipped for hosting live music events.


Remai Modern:

If you wish to rub elbows with famous artists at your event, but Damien Hirst won’t respond to your Instagram DMs, you might think about hosting your event at the Remai Modern. There, you’re in close proximity to world-class modern art. With the world’s largest Picasso linocut collection housed in this brand-spankin' new space, your event will be feeling avant-garde and oh-so on-trend. 

The Glen at Crossmount

Just a short jaunt outside of the city, past open fields and rolling hills – you’ll find an oasis. While it may seem like a mirage – chalk full of everything one might dream up: cider, beautiful landscaped lawns, a gorgeous event space, an underwear model beckoning you from the passenger side of a red convertible (okay, some of that might be a mirage)-  you’ll find Crossmount. Part event space, part working cidery, wholly awesome, Crossmount pairs its Scandinavian aesthetic with incredible views, from their nearly panoramic windows. Perfect for taking in the naturally beautiful views of the Saskatchewan landscape – no matter the season.