March 8th was International Women’s Day around the world. But just because the day has come and gone, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support Saskatoon businesses owned and operated by talented and hard-working females all the time. (To celebrate their achievements, stop in for a bite to eat, to purchase an item or take a class.)

Here are five women entrepreneurs in Saskatoon with socially-conscious businesses in the community.


Photo credit: RYDE YXE Facebook Page

1. RYDE YXE – Shaina Lynden RYDE YXE co-owner Shaina Lynden wears many hats: entrepreneur, full-time Saskatoon police officer and mother to five children. But most importantly, the Yellow Quill First Nations member is focused on building and fostering a sense of community within the fitness industry in Saskatoon. Her boutique indoor cycling studio, RYDE YXE (with locations on Broadway and City Park) is built on passion, positivity and love for everything local. Every Friday, they do Ryde For Change for $10.00 a class. Last year they fundraised nearly $15,000 to create change within the community.


Photo credit: 2017

2. Road Coffee – Alisha Esmail From a hobby and passion to a successful business, Alisha Esmail focuses on roasting ethically sourced coffee beans in Saskatoon. Obsessed with the coffee industry since a kid and tied with her love of travel, she started Road Coffee as a platform for social change. With direct trades with Laos, Burundi, Costa Rica and Guatemala, Road Coffee works with farmers to help develop their communities through healthcare, education, clean water and other initiatives.


3. The Hollows Restaurant – Chef Christie Peters Chef Christie Peters is one half of the owner of Riversdale neighbourhood restaurants The Hollows and Primal. But it’s not just about preparing tasty, locally sourced dishes for hungry diners. Peters has her own gardens, composts nearly everything and practices full animal butchery (she even turns excess animal fat into soap.)

Photo Credit: High Key Brewing

4. High Key Brewing – Madeline Conn Born and raised in Saskatoon, Madeline Conn fell in love with the craft beer scene on a work trip to Dallas, Texas. Bringing her passion back home, she’s opened one of the province’s latest breweries and taprooms. High Key Brewing also partners with local artists to create wraps on their growlers. A portion of each purchase is donated back to the Saskatoon Nature Society to support conservation and education.


Photo credit: Alchemy Clothing & Salon

5. Alchemy Clothing – Melissa Squires Fashion designer and entrepreneur Melissa Squires creates the extraordinary with her socially conscious pinup and rockabilly clothing and accessories (check out her Re-Tyred Accessories Collection made from locally sourced recycled tire.) Her fashion house is also a collaborative space for hair stylists and tattoo artists. It also features more than 50 local products available for purchase.

Who are your favourite women entrepreneurs and what are their businesses? Leave a comment below and let us know!