There is an old adage (well, maybe not old but certainly well-known) that rings true to every instagrammer whether they are a professional, an amateur, or an aunt ( I have an aunt notorious for having lengthy conversations in every comment section). The saying goes: "Pics or it didn't happen" and it strikes fear into the heart of every user documenting their lives for the likes. Did the avocado toast really exist if no one took a picture of it? In the same strain - does a destination really count as visited if you don't 'gram something? To put those fears to rest, we've compiled a list of some of the best instagram spots throughout Saskatoon which will make even the most hardened follower double tap:

#1 Drift Vista Lounge:

Just off 19th street there is a colourful spot to pose . Nothing makes this wall more "of the moment" than the millennial pink hue, and the size makes it easy to step and repeat and step and repeat right up to the doorway of Drift where you can refuel your creative juices with a shot of java (which you will of course instagram)

#2 Under the Sid Buckwold Bridge:

Fairy tales tell us this is where we usually encounter trolls. However, you are far more likely to encounter a queue of people lined up to take turns werkin' it in front of the big pelican/snake thing.

#3 Avenue C:

Like something out of Pan's Labyrinth this mural  facing south on Avenue C is a  cobbled together face that simultaneously smiles and waves out at you as your drive by on nearby 20th street - beckoning you to come say hi, take a picture, stay a while. I promise it won't bite!

#4) Flint ( 2nd Ave):

An oldie but a goldie - nothing makes me happier than standing in front of this mural painted on the side of trendy downtown hot spot Flint ( at night) or Poached (by day). I don't know if it's because I am particularly drawn to the imagery or to the vibrant colours or because it's a natural stop on my way to a great cocktail, or an amazing brunch.

#5) Pink Wall - 2nd Ave:

There is something to be said about simplicity. And I think that something should be that it's awesome. A simple millennial pink painted alleyway makes the perfect backdrop for any photocall -  really allowing your outfit, you face, or your frappuccino to pop. Add in a little Banksy-esque graffiti for a tough as nails edge and you're opening the floodgates for likes.

#6) Village Green Back Alley

Arguably the newest gram spot (can we make that phrase a thing?)  - this back alley is narrow but jam packed with everything that looks great with a Lo-Fi filter (with the saturation turned way up) - balloons, zebra print, a violet to mint green ombre background, and a real door painted to look like a fake door - it's the quirky locale of your #SundayFunday dreams

#7) Back Alley - 2nd and 3rd

While some of these spots have arisen out of a collaboration between building owners and artists I like to think that this particular alleyway has come to fruition more organically, over time as layer upon layer was added. This led to a kaleidoscope of colour, shape, and text, perfect for getting across that alternative and edgy persona you're trying to portray to your followers.