If you’re like me (and if my mom is right you aren’t anything like me cause I am a totally unique and special snowflake that the world just isn’t ready for yet) you enjoy the occasional picnic. Getting outdoors and shovelling food into your mouth using your bare fingers (so that everything tastes a little coconut-y from the sunscreen) as fast as possible is both a hobby and interest near and dear to my heart. Picnic-ing means that suddenly the basket I carry all my food around in is a normal accessory and not just a weird quirk. And that laying down to eat (my favourite position) is most de rigueur.

But how and where does one go to practice the art of the picnic in the fair city of Saskatoon? Well it’s a question we’ve asked ourselves since our content creation meeting where we came up with this blog idea but one I’m sure  a lot of other people have asked as well.  Therefore we compiled a handy little guide to answer your questions and be click-baity enough to keep our numbers up so we all get raises. (Smash that like button!)



Where: If the weather is mild and you aren’t afraid of waterfowl (or their excrement) and are open to a little bit of incline navigation, then the place to go is the Broadway sandbar. Tucked closely up to the Broadway bridge, like a gosling to it mother, the sandbar is the perfect spot to lay out a blanket, unpack your basket, and enjoy some pretty stellar views. To your left – the popular painted rocks, the Broadway Bridge, and the east bank of the South Saskatchewan River. To your right – a bountiful sandbar, the University Bridge, and across the water:  the majestic Delta Bessborough. This spot is great because it is centrally located, scenic as all heck, and out of the way enough to feel disconnected from the city yet close enough to enjoy my favourite pastime: people watching.  (hey sunbathers, hay!)

What to get: If this is your first #Saskatooning picnic you should weigh your menu with local ingredients. There is no shortage of foods produced here (the province isn’t called the bread basket of Canada for nothing, Hunny) The best place to fill your basket? Saskmade Marketplace. There you can pick up everything you could ever dream of (well nearly – despite my demands the otherwise helpful staff could not find me a boyfriend).


This is what I grabbed:


The most important piece of advice for the perfect picnic is blanket placement. You want to make sure you are centrally located; in a semi sheltered spot yet close enough to the river to catch the action.  Wave to the Prairie Lily as it passes by, observe the buzz of the city as it hums along. Forget about your worries and your strife.

Next spread out your spread and enjoy! #Saskatooning never tasted so good!

*Note: It is imperative, that in order to keep our riverbank pristine, we each do our part to clean up after ourselves.