After a long week of school and work, we like to have a family fun night - sometimes we do it on Friday so that we can spend the rest of the weekend relaxing.

The Stoked Center is where my kids voted on going this week! The Stoked Center can be found at Wilson’s Lifestyle center in Brighton. When you walk into Wilson’s you immediately feel the energy of all the beautiful plants. I love plants so this makes my heart happy to be surrounded by green and fresh air. To save time it’s a good idea to sign the waiver online before you head over. It’s a good evening activity as the closing times on Friday and Saturday is 10:00 P.M.

The fun started with the kids trying out the sky trail and sky rail! These activities burn tons of energy and require a lot of balance, the kids climb up to get to the zip line. It’s awesome to relax with the plants and watch your kid's zip line thru the top of the garden center. Don’t forget to bring a pair of sneakers, we forgot and were hoping that a boot didn’t fly off on the zipline. The Stoked Centre has you covered - you can rent a pair of shoes if you forget.

My youngest son Jye was too afraid to go up and play so he ended up in the arcade, which kept him busy while the older kids went on the zip line. It was so great to see my daughter Spirit enjoy the zipline on our visit, she was afraid to go on the zipline the last time we were here!

After that excitement, the kids went on the Velocity Raceway, a racetrack with go-karts with the feeling of real driving. They really enjoyed driving and racing their siblings. As a parent of four, it is hard sometimes to do something fun for everyone, The Stoked Center has a great balance of activities for young children and teens.

 After they were done racing, they then came to race Jye in the arcade, the little brother who was too small to drive the real race cars. Jye won the race because he is the Mario race car champion. Winning made his night!

I was even able to find some time for myself and have a walk around and admire all the beautiful plants in the garden center. I can’t seem to go without getting myself a new plant to take home, every time I walk into the beautiful garden center!

We had cookies and juice at the Lifestyle Café to finish off our family fun night. Don’t forget to check out the store as it has an array of unique gift ideas and design items. They have a great selection of spices and sauces if you are looking for a last-minute Christmas present!

The Stoked Center is truly a beautiful experience for the whole family.