This past Wednesday was the full moon (and Tom Petty’s birthday, but I digress). I have been hearing amazing things about the events being thrown in Saskatoon by Back2Nature Wellness and Events, and decided it was the perfect day to give one a try. Every full moon they offer a full moon hike with a full moon ceremony component! How could I not?! 

Back2Nature hike

The experience is two and a half hours and is a really comfortable pace! All you need to bring with you is some hiking boots, a flashlight or headlamp (because it really does get dark), and a water bottle! Kyla and her team have the rest covered! 

The walk took place in an area along the river that I had never been to before! That was really exciting! When I arrived at the parking lot/meeting place I was greeted by Kyla. She had waivers for us to sign, super adorable name tags, and a deck of oracle cards! Kyla made sure we were prepared with headlamps and we were off. 

The first stop on the hike was a gorgeous view of the sunset over the river! I couldn’t take enough photos! From there we hiked taking in the sites, the rising of the full moon, bat houses, bike trails, and even some surprises! 

sunset Back2Nature

About an hour and a half into the hike we stopped in this gorgeous clearing for a full moon ceremony.  While Kyla set up the space, we warmed up with some tea and learned a little bit about the moon. The ceremony was about letting go. Kyla explained that the full moon is a great time to let go of what you don’t want to carry anymore. We were given dissolvable paper and told to journal about things we wanted to let go. Then we dissolved our journal in a bowl of water.  

Full Moon Ceremony Back2Nature

To finish the ceremony, we took out the oracle card that we had received at the beginning of the hike and read the meaning of the card in the oracle book.  

We then walked back to our cars. And with a howl at the moon moved on with our evening. It felt so good to get out there and move my body in the fresh fall air and I absolutely loved the journaling activity! 

If this sounds right up your alley check out Back2Nature Wellness and Events event page to check out their event! They do the full moon hike every month! Click here to book yours!