Saskatoon’s Children Museum is home to many amazing exhibits that get kids of all ages inspired to learn and play. The first time I saw the cosmic connection web-like climbing structure I couldn’t help but blurt out “Can adults play on that?”. The answer: yes, yes you absolutely can. The WonderHub hosts a monthly adult night! Each of the Adult Nights is themed. There is so much to do during an adult night at the WonderHub, but a lot of my suggestions are based around the cosmic connection because it was the thing I was most stoked on!

So, what do you need to know before you go?

1. Bring Cash!

The event is licenced! If you want to have a drink to help you work up the courage to climb the cosmic connection make sure you bring cash!

2. Wear Socks

Wear socks! The section of the WonderHub with the most fun exhibits for adults (in my opinion) is a shoe-free area.

3. There are snacks and games

There is so much more to do then just climb the cosmic connection! The WonderHub has games and craft areas set up that are based on the theme of the evening!

4. Comfortable clothes

My first time at the adult night I wore leather pants! Big mistake! The cosmic connection is not necessarily intended for adult bodies. Although completely climbable, getting through some of the pods involve a little bit of creative movement, like somersaults. So do not wear leather pants. Instead, choose something stretchy and that you are comfortable being upside down in.

5. Dress up!

We attended the Halloween themed adult night! I was a cat and Paula was a baby shark!

If you’re like me, you’ll take any excuse to get dressed up! Check out the theme before you go and make sure to pick out a one-of-a-kind outfit! Since most of the themes are era-specific I recommend checking out Better Off Duds for amazing retro outfits!