Saskatoon has been ramping up its public art in a major way lately, specifically when it comes to murals. I'm sure there's more than double this many new larger-than-life pieces this year, but I went out and captured a few notable new ones through the lens for you. Kudos to the artists and funding organizations for recognizing the importance of public art in a city, and helping to bring some of downtown's walls to life.

Big, enjoyable displays of art like these are what help to cement Saskatoon's reputation as the art capital of Saskatchewan. They also help to balance our public street art with our gallery art, which is, obviously, making a major leap forward on an international level with the opening of the new Remai Modern Gallery this week. These murals offer a completely different way to experience art - outdoors and on a tremendous scale.  Something you can walk past and admire everyday.

Murals like these make our city more colourful, and it can be fun to explore or take a few photos with these pieces on your next visit to Saskatoon. Enjoy!


4th avenue between 20th and 21st (East side of street)

2nd Avenue between 23rd and 24th (Across from Bay Lofts)

On Broadway Avenue beside Broadway Pharmacy

Behind Broadway Pharmacy (in back alley)

Broadway and 10th Street (Production Lighting) behind Sushiro.

In the alley behind Village Green & Thrive Juice Co. on 20th Street.

20th Street and Avenue D (Southeast Corner)