Saskatoon Bars & Pubs

Part of what is now Saskatoon started out as a Temperance Colony in 1882, but thankfully the attempt at abstinence didn’t take. Folks are thirsty in these parts. In fact, that’s one of the first things you’ll realize when you arrive in Saskatoon: if you’re thirsty, there’s no better place to be. Many locals can describe the difference between a Saskatchewan lentil cream ale and a wheat beer. You’ve got to try them. Both. If beer is not your thing may we draw your attention to the incredible spirit market in and around the city! 

Saskatoon has a particular breed of bartenders —  mixologists — who specialize in unique creations using local spirits, berries and herbs. These cocktails provide the perfect social lubrication for a night out at an upscale lobby bar or intimate dinner-and-drinks date downtown.

At bars and pubs across the city, especially in the tucked away hidden gems, you’ll be impressed at the selection of craft beer, artisanal cocktails and oodles of wine. If the night gets a little out of hand, it’s all good! Saskatonians are known for being the life of the party, so you’ll fit right in. Just plan a safe ride back to wherever you are staying!


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