Multicultural Cuisine

Way back when, the most multicultural eats you could find in Saskatoon were beetniks (made from beet leaves and dough) and perogies. The seasoning aisle at the grocery store was well stocked with salt and pepper, but you’d be hard pressed to find some curry. Today, we’re a city brimming with restaurants and cafés specializing in ethnic cuisine that satisfy every tastebud.

Some of the best Asian food can be found in Riversdale. Odd Couple is family-owned and operated by a team that offers an Instagram-worthy menu of Eastern staples with a modern twist. Vietnamese and Chinese food experts at Seasoned Fusion Tastes use traditional flavors to add a surprise in every bite. Just beware – we’re not huge fans of heat in Saskatoon. If you like it spicy, ask for extra chili peppers and a pitcher of water. 

If it’s a flavour-packed ramen you’re craving (a hangover’s perfect cure), Sticks and Stones can hook you up.

Just because you’re in the middle of the prairies doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the exotic tastes of India with a curry from Spicy Bite, or a Latin-inspired taco from Picaro. Downtown’s Taverna Italian Kitchen builds its rustic menu using imported ingredients and locally sourced products, which means a win-win for diners. Can't get enough Italian? Bar Gusto is your Prairie-inspired Italian connection!

If that entices you, maybe it’s time to just get out and get eating! Oh, and by the way: you can still find some of the best perogies around town, but beetniks have gone the way of the dodo bird.

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