GCA5EZZ Saskatoon Cache and Release 2023

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  • Special geocache hides will be placed for this special event-- geocachers have 24 hours to complete as many of those special hides ...then will gather for a barbecue and windup where prizes will be awarded.

    At 5:30pm on Friday May 26th, all SCAR caches become fair game and the hunt begins. If your Geocaching User name includes more than one person, all members of the Geocaching User Name who are caching during the event must be at each cache together at the same time. Feel free to find as many or as few caches as you can and want.

    During the hunt, please document the time of your find in the logbook to inform subsequent finders how close they are behind you. You may also want to carry a notebook because you will want to keep track of your stats over the weekend.

    Please note that if you are caching with a group of cachers you all share the stats for example if your group is the first to find a cache, you all share that honour & the next group to come along will count the second to find. The hunt for the SCAR2023 event ends at 5:30pm May 27th, 2023.

    The Gathering:
    At 6 pm Saturday May 27th, we will gather for a meal to share stories and to award prizes for achievements accomplished during the event. This year for the BBQ, we have again rented the Floral Community Centre just outside of Saskatoon located at N 52° 03.410 W 106° 31.020.

    We will start the awards portion of the evening around 7:30 pm. Be sure to be there early enough that your stats can be included when calculating who gets which awards so that you don't miss out. The festivities should finish sometime between 8 and 9 pm.

    Details on the BBQ will be announced closer to the event.
    Don't forget a lawn chair! We also encourage everyone to bring reusable plate, cup and utensils. Let's do our part to reduce our trash!

    Please note in your 'will attend' log if you intend on appearing at the gathering and how many will be accompanying you so we can have an idea of numbers. All cachers are welcome whether or not you've participated in the rest of SCAR2023 or not. The more the merrier!
    Also, we anticipate continuing our tradition of having another couple of events accompanying this main event. Keep an eye out for these events to be published closer to SCAR weekend.

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