MaraFun 2021: A Virtual Experience

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  • Welcome to MaraFun 2021: A Virtual Experience. Our 10-week program, support, weekly newsletters and more + a race day in your own community. Now you can also join the newly compressed 6-week program set for after the current COVID-19 guidelines and Easter Break.

    1) 10 Week Program begins March 15th

    2) 6 Week Program begins April 12th

    3) *NEW Mara-Family-Fun Program begins April 12th. Four family members (including 1 or 2 parents), everyone receives t-shirts and medals!

    While the final race date is normally the last Sunday of May...this year your Team Leader will pick your Race day between May 24 and June 24, 2021.

    Included in your 2021 registration:

    1. A finishers medal.

    2. A free 10 Week or 6 Week easy-to-follow training program from Craven SPORT services.

    3. A t-shirt with an area to personalize your built-in race bib.

    4. Digital MaraFun race certificate.

    5. Access to our MaraFun Facebook page with additional content, videos and more.

    6. Chances to win great prizes from the Saskatchewan Marathon partners and sponsors.

    7. Plus a few surprises sent out in the "MaraFun Race Kits"

    STEP 1 -- Team Leaders: REGISTER yourself as a Team Leader and create your team name. Click the REGISTER button to your right. Please then share your team name with your team/parents. To come back and see who has currently registered on your team, click VIEW TEAMS on the left side.

    *If you are new to the Program, please be sure to email me or call and I can walk you through the process. Students/Parents need to be aware of their Team Leader and their Team/School Name to register correctly. 

    STEP 2: We will provide you with the registration package with complete details. Starting March 15th, Team Leaders AND Parents will receive weekly newsletters with running tips, nutrition tips, videos, updates and more.

    *Parents do have the option to opt-out of the emails.

    STEP 3: -- PARENTS: REGISTER your child by clicking 'Register' and selecting the Marafun Registration INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION USE ONLY option (note parents must sign a waiver for students).

    *There are some cases where the Team Leader may choose to register their whole team.

    See below for the 2020 MaraFun Program & Child Tracker sheet. We will post to the Facebook page and website as well. The NEW 2021 MaraFun Program will be provided to each Team Leader. The newly updated 10 Week Program and the new 6 week compressed programs will be emailed to ALL registered Team Leaders.

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