Snowball Fight Tournament

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  • Tournament details
    - 3 games guaranteed
    - Games between 12-3 p.m.
    - $200 early bird price for teams (until Feb. 11)
    - $20 early bird price for single players
    - Free coffee and hot chocolate
    - Prizes for best spirit
    - $300 cash prize for the winning team!

    Yukigassen is a fun, fast-paced, outdoor winter team sport. Teams consist of 9 players, and the game has rules similar to dodgeball and capture the flag. The winning team gets the other team out first by hitting them with snowballs, or by capturing their opponent’s flag.

    Games are 15 minutes long. Play Sask hosts coed rec sports for adults, so all games are mixed-gender, and players must be at least 18+. Games are self-officiated. All players must wear helmets with visors.

  • Event Details