"Tevye & His Daughters at The Little Cafe"

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  • The Barn Playhouse Summer Show: June 15 - 25, 2023

    Your experience at the Barn Playhouse Summer Show begins with a meal outside on the yard at 5:30pm. You purchase your meal directly from any of the three food vendors (cash only).
    While you sit at picnic tables eating, you will enjoy live old-time music performed in the bandstand.
    At 7:30pm the play begins in our barn-turned theatre.
    (Sunday performances are in the afternoon, food vendors are open at 12noon, and the play begins at 2:00pm.)

    The Show: “Tevye & His Daughters at the Little Café”, written and adapted by Vickie Dyck.
    In the heart of rural Saskatchewan lies the “Little Café”, a space for the local drama club to rehearse for their annual play. They’ve chosen to perform “Tevye & His Daughters” based on the stories by Sholem Alecheim, which are the same collection of stories told in the Broadway hit, “Fiddler on the Roof”.
    As the stories of the Little Café drama club and Tevye and His Daughters merge, the magic of theatre happens. “A good story is a good story, no matter how you tell it”!
    With a kind heart, and a good sense of humour, this show is a celebration of the love between a father and his daughters.

    Tickets can be purchased online: www.barnplayhouse.com

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