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Sustainable Tourism for Travelers

by Paula Lichtenwald, Tourism Saskatoon 

Sustainable travel is all about making simple choices to lessen your impact on a destination. In order to practice an environmentally friendly form of tourism an individual should focus on the small things that add up to a bigger impact such as the protection and the preservation of natural resources. It is really about social responsibility and making as little of an impact as possible.

Sustainable tourism can be achieved by means of transportation, accommodation and activities which are as eco-friendly as possible.  Read More....

Green Stem takes 3rd Place in the 2015 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards under the category of Community & Government Projects 

The award evaluation was carried out by the three independent judges of the 2015 Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards. As usual, the scores given by each judge, to each project, are summed at the Secretariat. The project getting the highest score is declared winner in the respective category.

Unfortunately, the entry GREEN STEM submitted in the category of Community & Government Projects was not featured among the winners. However, Green Stem was awarded fairly high marks and was ranked third in the category, which is a really good achievement as there were nine entries competing. 

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