Employee Engagement Tips

  • Create a Sustainable Suggestions box for both employees and customers
  • Survey (using electronic survey tools ie: Survey Monkey) your staff about sustainability solutions for your workplace
  • Educate staff on sustainability issues
  • Communicate, e.g. publicize waste prevention activities through a new or existing employee newsletter
  • Provide sustainability training opportunities to employees
  • Invite staff to participate in setting sustainability targets and goals 
  • Incorporate sustainability into the organizational vision, mission and strategies
  • Implement a sustainable action plan
  • Create a green team
  • Register your business in a corporate sustainability challenge and encourage staff to participate (ie: Commuter Challenge, Zero Waste Challenge) 
  • Conduct waste reduction contests among divisions with prizes and publicity
  • Initiate in-house contests for the most creative/innovative/cost-effective sustainability solutions for your workplace
  • Generate a weekly sustainability blog
  • Create a sustainability bulletin board in a high traffic area of your workplace to showcase projects, initiatives or individual performance
  • Create a sustainability-based rewards program for employees and suppliers
  • Donate to a local environmental charity

Embedding Sustainability in Organizational Culture (Network for Business Sustainability)

Looking to truly empower employees and kick-start organizational change? Explore the five elements (Strategy, Structure, Processes, People and Rewards) essential to changing the culture of and incorporating sustainability in an organization.

Engagement tips developed by Angie Bugg and the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.  

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