Become a Legacy Builder

Together, we’ll merge Saskatoon’s incredible assets with influential professionals who are experts in their respective fields.

We are looking for Legacy Builders. leaders who care about this city and want to leave their mark. People who are prolific in their industry and are the catalyst for getting things done. We are looking for legends.

Tourism Saskatoon will be inviting Legacy Builders to join The Legacy Project. The Legacy Project aligns with your values and creates a robust system of support and connection to help you achieve incredible results.

The Legacy Builder is a person who did the work and who put in an incredible effort. This program is to recognize the hands-on efforts of the individuals committing their time.   

If you are interested in becoming a Legacy Builder but have not been invited, we will advise you on how to do so. We will give guidance and support in working with Tourism Saskatoon on bidding to host a business or sport event in our city. 

The Legacy Builder can expect:

  • To be recognized via the website, marketing campaigns, media pieces, and at actual events.

  • The Legacy Builder will be invited to attend annual events such as Lunch & Learns (where they may need to co-present about their experience), VIP appreciation events, and media interviews. It’s requested that if attending these events, the Legacy Builder will bring a guest(s) who may be a potential, future Legacy Builder.  

  • The Legacy Builder will be sent monthly communications on the business events happenings, The Legacy Project information, Legacy Builder testimonials, and more.

  • The Legacy Builder may also offer advice and mentorship on bidding/hosting to other Legacy Builders or potential Legacy Builders.  


Overall, the Legacy Builder will continue to work with Tourism Saskatoon to bring events to the city and create a lasting impact on our vibrant community.

Who you are

Field experts and professionals, fuel your curiosity and share your work with visitors. Leave a legacy as you elevate your profile and showcase your knowledge, experience, and your industry. Be the spark that leaves a mark. 

City leaders, build your profile and create a deep connection to the community around you. Form long-lasting relationships with people of influence and leave your mark for future generations. 

Sport leaders, share your knowledge and dedication to sport with others. Bring memorable events to the Saskatoon stage that will have people talking about for years to come and give our teams the home advantage. There is nothing like the home advantage. Our fans, volunteers, and our teams deserve to play to win, right here at home. 

How you can help us

As a Legacy Builder, you will be responsible for bringing business to this city, making an impact, and creating a legacy. 

The Legacy Project provides true partnership to help you win home advantage. Our passion, values, and resources create a robust system of support and connection.

Promoting Saskatoon has never been easier. From its brainpower to its resources, science to sports, agriculture to technology, Saskatoon’s sectors of strength are vast. And we want the world to know. 

The Legacy Project is not about playing it safe — it’s about dreaming big and taking risks. Your creativity, industry knowledge, and know-how are all assets. 

This is your opportunity to become a trailblazer. This is your chance to build a legacy.

How we can help you

The Legacy Project is designed to offer resources that will help Legacy Builders succeed and reach new heights.

The Legacy Project aligns with your values and creates a robust system of support and connection. 

Working with the Legacy Project, you’ll find a true partnership that helps us win home advantage.