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  • The 3 sustainability-oriented actions that we're proud to have incorporated in our workplace are:

    1. Green Circle Salon Member

    2. Bullfrog powered as of February 2016

    3. Tree planting initiative, Host annual Upcycled Art Show, converting instore made clothing and accessory line to Eco fabrics and recycled products

    Additional Comments: The Green Circle Program enables us to recycle and repurpose 95% of waste produced by the salon - hair is sent off to make hair booms for oil spill cleanup -metal foils and other metals all sent to recycle -coffee and tea grounds sent to BC to power a factory -excess colour sent off the be dried and H2O goes back into grid -environments savings plan used to do Eco upgrades to our facility- sustainable lighting, high efficiency washer dryer, etc Bullfrog power is a sustainable power source that we pay a monthly premium to replace the power and gas we use with sustainable power (wind and hydro) Tree planting initiative - running different promotions where the purchase of particular products and services result in us planting trees (through a Canadian tree planting company) -currently every alcoholic beverage purchased since November is one tree planted ReVamp-annual up cycled art show- 2016 will be the 4th year we put on an art show where all art is made from 95% recycled or used materials-encouraging recycling and repurposing in our community and hopefully translating to people's day to day lives. Filling our space with plants that help purify air Selling salon products with like mindset- eco friendly choices that don't hinder products effectiveness.

    The three actions that we intend to introduce in the next 12 months are:

    1. Bullfrog power -this month

    2. Carbon offsets for events held and products used that are not replaceable with eco friendly options

    3. Staff tree planting trip in spring

    Additional Comments: Tree planting in northern Saskatchewan to help replace trees lost in forest fires of 2015

    The three actions that we intend to introduce in the next 2-4 years are:

    1. Clothing line made solely from sustainable fabrics Ec

    2. Solar panels for business -having a large flat roof it seems very feasible

    3. Solely locally supplied store product