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  • We will:
    - consciously incorporate sustainability into our planing activities and all areas of decision-making in our business.
    - consider both the short- and long-term impact of our business decisions on environmental and human health.
    - educate, encourage and enable positive environment change amongst management, staff, suppliers, customers and community members.
    - be accountable for the consequences of our individual and collective actions as they affect people on the planet.

    The three sustainability-oriented actions that we are most proud to have incorporated in our workplace are:
    1. Canoe trip menus that feature locally sourced food from the Saskatoon Farmer's Market and organic items from local health food stores such as Steephill Food Co-op
    2. Financial contributions to local conservation organizations working to preserve and enhance waterways used by CanoeSki tours such as Meewasin Valley Authority and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
    3. An environmental quiz included in clients' pre-trip orientation materials to provide guidance in ecologically appropriate behaviour for wilderness canoe tours
    Additional Comments:
    CanoeSki is in the business of providing canoeing eco tours, which by their nature are environmentally friendly and low impact. Paddling is at the apex of recreational activities that have virtually no impact on the environment. It's what takes place on shore before and after the canoe is occupied that counts! Since its inception in 1990, CanoeSki has maintained an environmental credo of respecting the earth in all of its activities, both on and off water. The Sustainability Pledge reinforces that long-time commitment, offers an opportunity to explore more options to enhance one's commitment and make it more public. CanoeSki is also a member and active supporter of Saskatchewan environmental and conservation organizations, including the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, the Saskatchewan chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Nature Saskatchewan, Nature Saskatoon, the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society, Partners For the Saskatchewan River Basin and Paddle Canada.

    The three actions that we intend to introduce in the next 12 month are:
    1. Incorporate additional organic and sustainable produced food items in trip menus
    2. Revise the environmental quiz to include responses on climate change and acid rain affecting boreal forest areas the CanoeSki tours travel through
    3. Revise clients' pre-trip registration confirmation package to include preparatory information on sustainability issues for later discussions in camp

    The tree actions that we intend to introduce in the next 2-4 years are:
    1. Complete a sustainability analysis on tour transportation options for CanoeSki operations
    2. Review the CanoeSki tour schedule to eliminate/add tours and focus efforts on ones that have potential to be operated more sustainable and build capacity selectively to reduce overall impact
    3. Do an energy audit on the home office to find additional ways to reduce green house gas emissions