Garden Alchemy

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  • Located just 30 minutes North of Saskatoon, experiencing Garden Alchemy is a great way to get out of the city to experience more of our beautiful province!
    Just a short trip from Saskatoon is the small-town gem The Station Arts Centre. A historic train station that was the landing spot of many new Canadians has been converted into a tea room and venue showcasing many visual artists, musicians, and performances.

    Garden Alchemy is a unique experience offered by The Station Arts Centre. The experience is a chance to step outside of the daily grind and into the serenity of the garden.  Be guided through the historic garden and take the time to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, the basil.

    The team at The Station Arts Centre will provide you with a map and along you to take some time to explore the garden on your own. They will share gardening tips, lore, and stories as you cut and collect a variety of botanicals.

     You will then be guided inside the station to turn your hand-picked bouquet of botanicals into two lovely takeaways. First, capture the essence of the prairies in a homemade simple syrup. The team will guide you through the process of making a herb-infused local honey-based simple syrup that you are able to take home with you.

    Next experiment with your left-over herb clippings by making botanical prints. The perfect pairing to your custom syrup. This is the perfect activity to explore ordinary garden ingredients in a new and interesting way.

    Although this is the end of the guided part of your experience, don’t forget to leave yourself time to explore the other offerings available at The Station Arts Centre. Explore their lovely gallery, and take in a taste of local and in-season flavours at their Craft Beer and Coffee Bar

    • -        Arrive

    • -        Be guided through the garden

    • -        Pick a bouquet of botanicals

    • -        Create a custom simple syrup

    • -        Make botanical prints

    • -        Explore the gallery and Craft Beer and Coffee Bar