Naughty by Nature

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  • Meewasin is Saskatoon’s Stewards of the River Valley! They are dedicated to understanding and conserving Saskatoon’s natural beauty.

    So, what we are trying to say is they know a lot about the birds and the bees!

    Naughty by Nature is a unique experience that pairs local food and beverage with some 19+ nature education. Meewasin has never offered an experience like this before.

    Start your evening out by making your own cocktail out of Black Fox gin and plants that can be found in the Beaver Creek area! The cocktail recipe was created by Adrian Chappell, the GM of Primal and Pop, and is sure to have you pocketing the recipe card to make again at home!

    After you are settled in with your cocktail you will meet your host, Jamie. Jamie has been with Meewasin for several years and is very familiar with the valley of Beaver Creek and the animals that call it home. Jamie will guide you through a scenic hike of the gorgeous creek with lots of stops along the way. And let us be the first to warn you, her comedic timing is on point.

    Get your abs ready to do some belly laughing as you take part in interactive activities and games that show odd the different ways that the animals in the valley find love. Are you into being blindfolded?

    The experience ends with a picnic! The picnic includes individual charcuterie boxes created by The Prairie Grazer and a beer from 9 Mile Brewery or a Crossmount Cider (your choice!). 

    Grab the picnic basket and wander to a scenic position of your choosing to snack, visit, and take in the gorgeous Saskatchewan sunset!

    • -        Arrival

    • -        Make-your-own-cocktail with Black Fox gin and local ingredients

    • -        Introductions  and ice-breaking game

    • -        Educational hike with laugh-out-loud facts and silly games

    • -        Prairie Grazer Picnic and a 9 Mile beer/Crossmount cider