Polished Beautyspa

  • Polished Beautyspa is focused on making their business more sustainable, therefore helping Saskatoon move forward on being a more sustainable city. See below what Polsihed Beautyspa has been doing and where they are going.

    The 3 sustainability-oriented actions that Polished Beautyspa is proud to have incorporated in their workplace are:

    1: For every Eminence product sold at the spa a tree is planted

    2: We use reusable or biodegradable options whenever possible with food and beverage services

    3: We use natural, non toxic biodegradable cleaning supplies

    The three actions that they intend to introduce in the next 12 months are:

    1: Use halogen, LED, CLF or low voltage track lighting in 50% or more for source power

    2: Print all marketing materials on recycled paper with vegetable based inks

    3: Use power strips in treatment rooms and office areas and turn them off when equipment is not in use

    The three actions that they intend to introduce in the next 2-4 years are:

    1: Decrease the amount of linens offered to clients to decrease laundry use

    2: Use recycled paper products everywhere possible in the spa

    3: Offer beverages in glass, no plastic bottled beverages purchased