Venture Out Virtually with us!

We’d like to take you on a few trips around Saskatoon. Our prairie jewel of a city has outstanding culinary, cultural and natural experiences that will go to the top of your bucket list. Why are they outstanding? Simply put, our people. These down-to-earth experts in their fields don’t recite a script for tourists, or stand aside leaving you to explore on your own. They are as invested in their experience as you are, and their warmth, humility and prairie charm will change your view of this place forever.

 When it is safe to travel again and you have made it to our beautiful city, you’ll be ready to have the full, in-person experience you’ve been anticipating after watching our videos.



Wanuskewin Heritage Park is a sacred gathering place for Indigenous people, home to Canada’s longest-running archeological dig and, is over 6,000 years old. After watching this teaser video, you will want to be immersed in how Indigenous people live in harmony with nature on this sacred land.


Champetre County

The land and homestead at Champetre County is not just for looking at, it’s for living in! As you will see, the scenery is rivalled only by the warmth, sense of humour and spirit of the host family.

Odla and Farm 140

The holistic and sustainable foundations at Farm 140 will change your perception and perhaps even the choices you make about the food you eat. Watch these fundamentals carry over into one of Saskatoon’s first true farm-to-fork restaurants, Odla.


Black Fox & Crossmount

Just outside Saskatoon, nestled on the side of Valley Road, is a gem of a family-run farm called Black Fox Farm and Distillery. The operation is run by two of the most quintessential prairie folk you could ever be so lucky to find: warm, welcoming, smart and funny as heck! They love telling their story and you will love hearing it.

Ten minutes to the south of Saskatoon is a Mediterranean garden surrounded by an apple orchard. Yes, apples in Saskatchewan! Welcome to Crossmount Cider Company, where a guided tour and tasting will open your eyes to one of the newest sectors in Saskatoon. Crossmount’s beautiful facility is a field-to-cork cidery in every sense of the term.


A Culinary Tour with Chef Juan Carlo

A special walk around to some of his favourite restaurants, breweries and distilleries to visit the best Saskatoon’s culinary talent and learn more about their products.