Saskatoon CommUNITY Commitment

As Saskatchewan continues to move through phases of re-opening, we want to acknowledge the incredible strain that businesses in Saskatoon have been under. The pressure felt to follow the guidelines within the provincial re-open plan, while receiving constant information and supplemental resources, is immense. Tourism Saskatoon is here to help.

Our community is at the heart of everything we do, and we know the strength of the tourism sector depends on the resilience of our business community. On June 17th we are launching the Saskatoon CommUNITY Commitment; a co-created destination-wide pledge that provides resources and support for businesses to check or develop their internal controls, mitigating the risk of COVID-19 transmission for their employees, our local community, and visitors to our city. The resources we will provide do not replace any guidelines. Instead, they will provide you with ease in knowing you have done everything you can to operate your business with as much safety and assurance as possible. It will also create a commitment that we as a community can unify around, bolstering Saskatoon as a pre-eminent Canadian destination that offers safety and security for all.

When you become a partner of Saskatoon’s CommUNITY Commitment, you will be able to display a written statement to your customers reflecting the value that you place on health and safety. Our partners can display the CommUNITY Commitment proudly inside your businesses and on your digital platforms, reassuring safety and security but also demonstrating that we are all better together.

How do you get involved?

Watch the webinar below with Tourism Saskatoon’s Vice President, Steph Clovechok and OH&S Specialist Robyn Reist as they launch the commitment.

Once you watch the webinar, download these supporting documents: Hierarchy of Controls guide and the Risk Assessment Worksheet. This package will help you analyze all points of possible contact and ensure you have the appropriate controls in place to mitigate as much risk of transmission as possible. When you have completed this worksheet, fill out the form below to request the Saskatoon CommUNITY Commitment documents and logos to demonstrate your partnership.

Should you have any challenges in developing and refining your internal controls, we are here to help. Our OH&S consultant, Robyn Reist, is with us to support you with any one-on-one conversations that are required until you are ready to make your commitment.

As restrictions ease, customers, as well as your teams, are going to be looking to find their moment in Saskatoon. Help give them the assurance their moment is safe with you.


Saskatoon CommUNITY Commitment

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