Join the CommUNITY Commitment!

When you become a partner of Saskatoon’s CommUNITY Commitment, you will be able to display a written statement to your customers reflecting the value that you place on health and safety. Our partners can display the CommUNITY Commitment logo proudly inside their businesses and on their digital platforms, reassuring safety and security but also demonstrating that we are all better together.

  1. Webinar
    1. Watch our one-hour risk assessment webinar “Thinking Beyond the Mask” with Tourism Saskatoon CEO Steph Clovechok and Safety Specialist Robyn Reist.
  2. Documents
    1. Download the supporting documents: Hierarchy of Controls Guide and Risk Assessment Worksheet
  3. Risk Assessment
    1. Use the webinar and supplementary documents to perform a risk assessment. From here, you can develop new controls for your business or assess your existing controls for improvements.
  4. Consultation
    1. If you need assistance with any of the above steps or would like to have your controls reviewed by our Safety Specialist, contact Tourism Saskatoon or our OH&S consultant Robyn Reist directly. There is no cost for you to access Robyn’s services! As a CommUNITY Commitment partner, these resources are provided for you.
  5. Need more?
    1. Check out this bonus webinar! If you can’t get enough of risk assessment/hierarchy of controls, check out our second webinar. Viewing this webinar is not required as part of the CommUNITY Commitment program, but its content — dealing with how the mental health challenges of a COVID winter may impact workplace safety — will likely be relevant to your operations in the coming months.
  6. Show your partnership!
    1. When you have performed your assessment and implemented your controls, fill out the form below to request the Saskatoon CommUNITY Commitment documents and logos to demonstrate your partnership. This is a voluntary program, and we do not need to see your worksheet or review your controls, but if you would like feedback you are welcome to contact us!

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