LGBT Pride


Pride in Saskatoon is much more than a week-long party in June. It is a celebration of something we feel all year round.

We're proud of our city, and its role in Canadian LGBT history.

We're proud of our community, which is woven into the fabric of the city.

Saskatoon Pride celebrates all that - and more.

Like our community, Saskatoon Pride is diverse and inclusive, with something for everyone. It might be a boat cruise on the scenic South Saskatchewan River, the city's defining landmark. Or family bingo. A fashion show, a lecture and a chance to discover local artwork at a coffeehouse, or a community fair. Or yoga. Not to mention beer gardens, dances, the traditional pride parade and - this year - a detox pool party and barbecue at the Radisson Hotel.

The 2016 Pride Festival, hosted by the Saskatoon Diveristy Network, will be held June 5-12 with activities and events planned all around the city! Check out last year's fantastic festival below!



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