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Hosting a successful event requires a team – and we’re eager to be part of yours. Contact Tourism Saskatoon’s sports tourism team and see how we can help with your next event.

David Larson

David Larson

Manager, Business Development
Tiffany Dodds-Little

Tiffany Dodds-Little

Business Development Specialist - Sport & Major Events

Our talented team is supported by the Saskatoon Sport & Major Events (SSME) Advisory Committee. This committee is comprised of members of Saskatoon’s sports community and provides strategic advice to Tourism Saskatoon by:

  • Identifying and evaluating sports and cultural events for the city of Saskatoon
  • Recommending bid programs and events for potential investment by Tourism Saskatoon, based on alignment with strategic priorities
  • Supporting Tourism Saskatoon with advocacy, ambassadorship, and communications relating to sport and major event tourism as directed by the CEO
  • Supporting Tourism Saskatoon in the evaluation of sport and major event performance in Saskatoon, including the development of relevant key performance indicators (KPI) annually
  • Support Tourism Saskatoon in the development of communications to market and develop sport and major event resources

Current committee members include:

Jonathan Huntington – Chair

Rod Antonichuk

Nicole Orr

Kara Lackie

Christine Ruys

Bob Fawcett

Jody Hauta

Nathan Morrison

Jodi Blackwell

Steve Hildebrand

Jim Wilson

Chad Leverick

Johnny Marciniuk



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