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Museums and Heritage 

Believe it or not, we’re a city known for more than a love of bunny hugs and Vico (ask a local about this – it’s delicious!). In 1948. Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas decided to boost the city’s arts, music and literary pursuits. Douglas, who also happens to be Kiefer Sutherland’s grandpappy, founded the Saskatchewan Arts Board. It was the first organization of its kind in Canada and the legacy he created carries through today.

Take that stunning building at River Landing with its dramatic views of the South Saskatchewan River for example. That’s the Remai Modern. When it opened its doors, the world took notice. Not only is the 4-storey building Instagram worthy in every way, inside you’ll find some of the most thought-provoking exhibitions in the country, including the world’s largest Picasso linocut collection.  By the time you’re done, you’ll feel like you’ve just graduated from Art History University! 

Speaking of smart, the University of Saskatchewan is home to numerous museums, centers and galleries to pique your interest. The Diefenbaker Canada Centre attracts Canadian political junkies for a good look at some of the country’s history. 

For other cultural connections rooted in provincial heritage, try the Ukrainian Museum of Canada or the Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre. Strap on your boots and pretend you’re a pioneer at the Western Development Museum. Prairie settlers’ stories unfold in the 1910 Boomtown. Freak your kids out in the old dentist’s office and its instruments of torture… er, we mean dental tools.

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