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Webster’s dictionary defines cruise as “sail about in an area without a precise destination, especially for pleasure”  or “weird floating cities where people wear floral shirts and attempt to limbo”. For you, our guest in Saskatoon, the word relates to a ride on Saskatoon’s very own riverboat, the Prairie Lily. Yes, she’s like one of those charming southern vessels, but she’s here in the northern lands (well, not land... but you know what we are saying.). The South Saskatchewan River witnessed from this unique view is worth every minute, and guests have a few types of tours to choose from: sightseeing, dinner, brunch, or specialty cruises (such as wine tasting!)

Saskatoon also has dryland adventures throughout the river valley. A Segway tour via Eco Glide Adventures winds up and down the Meewasin Valley Trails. The self-balancing, motorized personal transporters are as easy to use as a bike, we promise. Bikes, of course, can be rented year-round to take you on a relaxing trail ride or off-road escape through the trees. Try a one-wheel from Escape Sports – another self-balancing vehicle that will make you feel like you are land surfing. Just don’t try a hang 10 or you’ll find out first hand why it’s a good thing to wear a helmet.

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